What you don’t know about me.

This is my first ever blog post so I thought I’d begin by introducing myself.

Many people may recognise my face from my social media sites, featuring on MTV’s Ex on the beach, series 4 or being in the press but you don’t actually really know anything about me. So here’s some TRUE facts I’d like to share with you:


  • I’m from and live in Newcastle.
  • I’m 21 years old – but feel about 31. hahaaa
  • My birthday is New years day (1st January) – it isn’t as cool as you may think it is I actually hate it.
  • I do NOT colour my hair. So many people ask me on my IG ask how I get my hair this colour. The answer is it is natural. The sun lightens it and it goes darker in winter. So its like blondey brown, lets just say bronde.
  • I’m quite small being 5’4.
  • I’m a UK size 8, shoe size UK 5
  • I have never ever in my life had lip fillers. They are natural they’ve been big all my life. When I was in school people used to pick on me about them, I would literally come home crying to my mam saying I want to go to the doctors to get them thinner and she would obviously say ‘Don’t be so silly, people will pay fortunes for them,  just wait until your older.’ and here we are 2016 absolutely buzzing I’m blessed with my lips. I’m not saying I was bullied in school btw because I definitely wasn’t.
  • I’ve got weird as F toes. LOL.
  • I laugh at almost everything.
  • Im crazy as F#ck in a good way, my best friends call me “The wild child”.


  • I left school with 12 GCSE’s grade A*- C (I got a D in Religious Education but I mean I don’t count that)
  • I went to a Local School. Nothing private or all girls.
  • I will admit that I wasn’t the best behaved but I soon matured around year 9 as I realised that I was taking the absolute mick and it just wasn’t acceptable to ‘wag’ lessons, take the mick out of teachers and just do what ever the hell I wanted. It’s not cool kids.
  • I went to Gateshead college Academy for Sports – I’ve always been really sporty.
  • I got D*D*D in Sports and Exercise Sciences. that equivalent to A*A*A in A levels.
  • I went to Northumbria University. I studied Applied Sciences for 1 year then went onto studying Human Nutrition.
  • I LOVE SCIENCE! Chemistry and Biology
  • I didn’t finish my degree but I still can if I want to go back and I will tell you all about the reason why I took time out in another blog so Hold tight 🙂


  • Ive had a job since the age of 15.
  • I’ve worked in Stores as a Sales assistant, most boring thing ever  i HATED it! I like moving around and being busy the shops I worked in where the worse.
  • I’ve been a waitress in a bar called Shark Club which I loved. Then I moved onto working in clubs as soon as I was 18.
  • A Hostess in clubs aka VIP host. I worked at Tup Tup Palace and Livello in Newcastle. Best job ever. I’d do it any day if I wasn’t busy with other things in my life.
  • Grid girl
  • Promotional events.
  • Model – I’m not throwing it out there that I’m a model but I do, do the odd commercial job.
  • EOTB series 4 and everything that come with tht.
  • I did get a job for British Airways in 2013 but my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer which led me not to go as I wanted to be home in Newcastle for her.
  • Season abroad in Marbella. Well 2 month. LOL

Aaaaaand that’s the basics. I want to talk more but I have so much to tell. So keep your eyes peeled guys for the next post,


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