My teeth treatments.

Ok so a lot of people compliment my teeth (thank you very much) and I’ve been receiving so many direct messages and emails  from people on my Instagram enquiring about what treatments I have had done. I posted a before and after from a treatment I had a while ago, So I’m going to explain EVERYTHING in this Blog about what I’ve had done, what I use now, and I’m going to stress about how much your teeth change with age because I have shocking images of my own teeth from when I grew up to show you.

I really feel like doing a Vlog because I have so much to say!

When I was growing up..

I had awful teeth. No word of a lie. I had a gap that could literally fit a pound coin in. I hated it. I went to the dentist so many times to try get a brace and got refused because they would just say to me, NO you don’t need a brace Ashleigh your too young. So I never got a brace.

14937150_10154355008093381_201391128_n-1That was my teeth,  I  HATED with the passion smiling with my mouth open, on this occasion I was on holiday so I mean why not. I hated my lips also so I literally used to try smiling sealing my lips together. Swear to god, crazy when I think back. So what I’m getting at is don’t be worried about what your teeth look like when your young and growing up in your teens. Give them time DO NOT be getting stupid cosmetic dental procedures and DO NOT even consider Veneers because that is the latest craze at the moment so many people are getting them. You may think you have but YOU HAVE NOT YET FULLY DEVOLPED GIVE IT TIME, You blossom πŸ™‚ Think about anything like veneers if your teeth are rotting and your about 50 year old.

My teeth now…


This image shows you my teeth before and after I had a cosmetic dental procedure called “Composite bonding”. I used to want veneers, I used to look at people from TOWIE and be like omg I want teeth like that, like Joey Essex but my teeth where never bad. They were chipped to bits because I had my tongue pierced and people say and I used to myself “tongue bars don’t chip your teeth” but they do, you just don’t realise it yourself. Anyway so I went to my dentist Kelvin Lodge Dental Practice in Newcastle and asked my dentist James what was best to do. He suggested composite bonding, I consider myself lucky because my teeth are quite straight after my gappy years however my bottom set are slightly wonky. The price of bonding is roughly Β£50 per tooth. As you can see the results are amazing! It basically works just like a filling you get when you have a hole in your tooth.

If you don’t have straight teeth and want this done, then the dentist would suggest some sort of brace, then composite bonding. This is something I am considering on my bottom set but again I am not massively bothered because no one really see’s my bottom teeth. Feel free to contact my dentist I’ve linked them in this blog or ask your own dentist about the procedure. Another addition would be to get your teeth whitened before bonding as the bond will not be the same colour as your teeth if you decide to whiten after. This happened to me.

Teeth Whitening and Tooth Paste.

I had my teeth whitened just recently by Diamond Whites. A lady called Tracey you can find her on Twitter @possiblyperfect or Instagram @possiblyperfecttracywilliams she was amazing. The procedure didn’t hurt what so ever, as one time in the past I had teeth whitening done and it hurt me so much, never got it done again! I spoke to Diamond Whites and Tracey and they assured me that its pain-free plus my friends had them done by her too. The cost of the treatment is only Β£89.99. Which is quite good considering how much dentists can charge you.

The toothpaste I use on my teeth and swear by is Max White one by Colgate. AMAZING! Even before I had my teeth whitened. The before and after picture above is my teeth before I had them whitened by Tracey. My teeth were already so white. This toothpaste is an essential and only like Β£3 in Asda.


That’s all I have to say, it was a lot about Teeth. Any question leave a reply and I will get back to you.


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