Lunch at the SIX – Newcastle

This weekend I’ve had my friend Hayley down from Glasgow visiting me. Newcastle is known for its buzzing nightlife and I really struggle to find things to do here as I guess with being from Newcastle I take everything most people would want to visit in the city for granted.

A place I find really pretty and cool is a well known spot called SIX which is a rooftop restaurant featured at the top of the Baltic on the Gateshead Quayside.

There’s a variety of menus to choose from, we went for lunch which is from 12:00-14:00. You can get 2 courses for £18.50 or 3 for £22.50. If you don’t want to opt for the Lunch menu theres afternoon tea which starts from 14:30-15:30.

I got the 2 course which I struggled to eat it is soooooooo filling. I opted for the ‘Steak and Ale Pie’ OH MY WORD! I love a good pie me and this is literally the best pie ive tasted in my entire life I am not even joking. Rather than getting a Starter as I knew I’d never eat my main which I was too excited for I went for the dessert of ‘Rice Pudding’. Now you might be sitting reading this thinking oh how boring but this was no regular rice pudding. This was something else. Like i cant describe how good all this food tasted it was all just full of flavours.

The service was really good, it wasn’t too quick shoving you in and out and it also wasn’t too slow, it was enjoyable. The staff were lovely, they made sure everything was ok once you actually tasted the food and didn’t have a mouthful. I hate going to a restaurant and the staff coming over constantly checking if your ok, like leave me to eat and socialise with my company. You are given complimentary water for the table and breads to start.

This is the perfect filling lunch if your visiting Newcastle with your friends or boyfriend/ girlfriend. I come here for birthdays or before a night out, its a 2 minute cab if that across the river into the city of Newcastle. You can check them out and the menus following the website I have added some images I took myself and my bill so you can see what kind of price range it is. You seriously get what you pay for with a beautiful view.

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