Golden Glow Makeup Look – FT Nouveau Lashes #LASHGANG

First of all I’d just like to tell you guys the news about my new collab – I AM A #LASHGANG NEWBIE!!! WOOP WOOP.

I’m also very sorry I’ve took so long to start this blog feature from my makeup on Saturday. I’ve been caught up with a few things. I.e hungover, Working my ass off in the gym and also starting something ELSE that’s very exciting! STAY PEELED.

I had an amazing response from people on my makeup look at the weekend – I am not a makeup artist, I don’t think I am one so I wont be putting MUA in my BIO LOL! I do enjoy doing my own makeup and being creative, but being a makeup artist is something I don’t have the patience to do unfortunately.

I had my hair down at first then decided to go for a sleek pony tail because my makeup felt too overpowering. KEEP THAT HAIR BACK GIRLS. Lets start on what products I have used in this look then.


  • NYX – Adorable palette
  • NYX – Liquid Golf
  • MAYBELLINE – Eye studio lasting drama BLACK
  • MAYBELLINE- The colossal volume express cat eyes
  • NOUVEAU strip lashes – Volume style 4 – These are literally my favourite I like a cat eye look and I found this created that look. They were very pretty
  • NOUVEAU Strip lash glue – BEST GLUE I had no eyelash fall offs!
  • NYX – Waterproof eyeshadow primer – SWEAR BY THIS!!


  • MAC – Pro long wear concealer NC30
  • NARS – Sheer Glow foundation SYRACUSE
  • MAC – Bronzing powder MATTE BRONZE
  • MAC – Highlighter GLOBAL GLOW
  • RIMMEL – Match perfection TRANSPARENT



Rather than using a block colour lipstick I used the lip liner all over my lips with the red Victoria Secret gloss and then the Soap and Glory Lip Plump over to really glossify my lips.

  • RIMMEL – Lasting Finish 1000 kisses lip liner SPICE
  • Shine RED
  • SOAP AND GLORY- Sexy motherpucker EXTREME PLUMP



I use a mix of brushes. I’m not going to lie I don’t know the names of them. The bronze brushes are REAL TECHNIQUES the silver and rose gold ones are from TK max – cheap as chips literally £2.99. The REAL TECHNIQUES are quite expensive I bought the set that was something like £22 from BOOTS.

From Left to right.

  • TK MAX – Angled Foundation Brush
  • REAL TECHNIQUES – Concealer Brush
  • REAL TECHNIQUES – Contour brush (use with bronzer)
  • TKMAX – Blusher Brush
  • REAL TECHNIQUES – All over powder brush


I also used a Makeup setting Spray which I have from Avon its cheap as! I would advise anyone to use a setting spray once you’ve finished your makeup especially if your going on a night out. Trust me it will not move. I have lately been guilty of not taking my makeup off after a nightout which anyone who follows me on my snapchat ASHXDEFTY will have seen.

I would also advise on a base primer also however it’s not essential I don’t really like using one as I feel like they clog my pores and I end up spotty.

All of the above Makeup I used is on the High street brands next to nothing and my essential favourites!

I hope you girls find this useful xoxo.


Lunch at the SIX – Newcastle

This weekend I’ve had my friend Hayley down from Glasgow visiting me. Newcastle is known for its buzzing nightlife and I really struggle to find things to do here as I guess with being from Newcastle I take everything most people would want to visit in the city for granted.

A place I find really pretty and cool is a well known spot called SIX which is a rooftop restaurant featured at the top of the Baltic on the Gateshead Quayside.

There’s a variety of menus to choose from, we went for lunch which is from 12:00-14:00. You can get 2 courses for £18.50 or 3 for £22.50. If you don’t want to opt for the Lunch menu theres afternoon tea which starts from 14:30-15:30.

I got the 2 course which I struggled to eat it is soooooooo filling. I opted for the ‘Steak and Ale Pie’ OH MY WORD! I love a good pie me and this is literally the best pie ive tasted in my entire life I am not even joking. Rather than getting a Starter as I knew I’d never eat my main which I was too excited for I went for the dessert of ‘Rice Pudding’. Now you might be sitting reading this thinking oh how boring but this was no regular rice pudding. This was something else. Like i cant describe how good all this food tasted it was all just full of flavours.

The service was really good, it wasn’t too quick shoving you in and out and it also wasn’t too slow, it was enjoyable. The staff were lovely, they made sure everything was ok once you actually tasted the food and didn’t have a mouthful. I hate going to a restaurant and the staff coming over constantly checking if your ok, like leave me to eat and socialise with my company. You are given complimentary water for the table and breads to start.

This is the perfect filling lunch if your visiting Newcastle with your friends or boyfriend/ girlfriend. I come here for birthdays or before a night out, its a 2 minute cab if that across the river into the city of Newcastle. You can check them out and the menus following the website I have added some images I took myself and my bill so you can see what kind of price range it is. You seriously get what you pay for with a beautiful view.

My teeth treatments.

Ok so a lot of people compliment my teeth (thank you very much) and I’ve been receiving so many direct messages and emails  from people on my Instagram enquiring about what treatments I have had done. I posted a before and after from a treatment I had a while ago, So I’m going to explain EVERYTHING in this Blog about what I’ve had done, what I use now, and I’m going to stress about how much your teeth change with age because I have shocking images of my own teeth from when I grew up to show you.

I really feel like doing a Vlog because I have so much to say!

When I was growing up..

I had awful teeth. No word of a lie. I had a gap that could literally fit a pound coin in. I hated it. I went to the dentist so many times to try get a brace and got refused because they would just say to me, NO you don’t need a brace Ashleigh your too young. So I never got a brace.

14937150_10154355008093381_201391128_n-1That was my teeth,  I  HATED with the passion smiling with my mouth open, on this occasion I was on holiday so I mean why not. I hated my lips also so I literally used to try smiling sealing my lips together. Swear to god, crazy when I think back. So what I’m getting at is don’t be worried about what your teeth look like when your young and growing up in your teens. Give them time DO NOT be getting stupid cosmetic dental procedures and DO NOT even consider Veneers because that is the latest craze at the moment so many people are getting them. You may think you have but YOU HAVE NOT YET FULLY DEVOLPED GIVE IT TIME, You blossom 🙂 Think about anything like veneers if your teeth are rotting and your about 50 year old.

My teeth now…


This image shows you my teeth before and after I had a cosmetic dental procedure called “Composite bonding”. I used to want veneers, I used to look at people from TOWIE and be like omg I want teeth like that, like Joey Essex but my teeth where never bad. They were chipped to bits because I had my tongue pierced and people say and I used to myself “tongue bars don’t chip your teeth” but they do, you just don’t realise it yourself. Anyway so I went to my dentist Kelvin Lodge Dental Practice in Newcastle and asked my dentist James what was best to do. He suggested composite bonding, I consider myself lucky because my teeth are quite straight after my gappy years however my bottom set are slightly wonky. The price of bonding is roughly £50 per tooth. As you can see the results are amazing! It basically works just like a filling you get when you have a hole in your tooth.

If you don’t have straight teeth and want this done, then the dentist would suggest some sort of brace, then composite bonding. This is something I am considering on my bottom set but again I am not massively bothered because no one really see’s my bottom teeth. Feel free to contact my dentist I’ve linked them in this blog or ask your own dentist about the procedure. Another addition would be to get your teeth whitened before bonding as the bond will not be the same colour as your teeth if you decide to whiten after. This happened to me.

Teeth Whitening and Tooth Paste.

I had my teeth whitened just recently by Diamond Whites. A lady called Tracey you can find her on Twitter @possiblyperfect or Instagram @possiblyperfecttracywilliams she was amazing. The procedure didn’t hurt what so ever, as one time in the past I had teeth whitening done and it hurt me so much, never got it done again! I spoke to Diamond Whites and Tracey and they assured me that its pain-free plus my friends had them done by her too. The cost of the treatment is only £89.99. Which is quite good considering how much dentists can charge you.

The toothpaste I use on my teeth and swear by is Max White one by Colgate. AMAZING! Even before I had my teeth whitened. The before and after picture above is my teeth before I had them whitened by Tracey. My teeth were already so white. This toothpaste is an essential and only like £3 in Asda.


That’s all I have to say, it was a lot about Teeth. Any question leave a reply and I will get back to you.



Out for a meal tonight with my girls wearing @MISSPAP

I’ve styled this backless Adira red ribbed bodycon dress with Gold heals from River Island & a black and gold YSL clutch. This dress can be worn both dressy & casual by styling it with some black chelsea boots and a black leather jacket. 

I kept my makeup simple, wearing a little bit mascara, red lip & bronzer. 

Use code ASHDEFTY10 for 10% off across Miss Pap.


Zero Skin Official

Soooo I’m trying out some products by @ZeroSkinOfficial.


So far Ive tried the Caviar Mask, Konjac Face Cleansing Sponge & Lifting Correction Eye Mask.

Caviar Mask.

The mask is really easy to use, it isn’t messy at all and it peals off really well! After using the mask, i honestly felt like i had a face lift my skin felt so tight and uplifted. My skin was really clear after I found the mask really rips out those blackheads & dead skin cells we all have.

Konjac Face Cleansing Sponge.

OH MY GOD… This is so weird, its like a hard little stone but then you soak it under a hot tap & then it goes proper soft and spongey. I was fascinated. My skin felt really soft after using it & again spot free and clear 🙂

Apple and Grean Tea Bio Cellulose Lifting Correction Eye Mask.

Now you would look at the name of this and think whatttttt the hell – whys it so scientific? is it legal like is this some type of surgical procedure?… NO but it does in fact  work absolutely fabulous & the results where amazing. I felt so refreshed after using these eye masks & i noticed a difference immediately. I used the face mask and eye mask together so if you’re having a night in and fancying a proper pamper. Stick these on & then you”ll feel fresssshhhhh as after 20 minutes ready to seize the next day.

Check out these guys on Instagram @zeroskinofficial and see what other products they have to offer.

What you don’t know about me.

This is my first ever blog post so I thought I’d begin by introducing myself.

Many people may recognise my face from my social media sites, featuring on MTV’s Ex on the beach, series 4 or being in the press but you don’t actually really know anything about me. So here’s some TRUE facts I’d like to share with you:


  • I’m from and live in Newcastle.
  • I’m 21 years old – but feel about 31. hahaaa
  • My birthday is New years day (1st January) – it isn’t as cool as you may think it is I actually hate it.
  • I do NOT colour my hair. So many people ask me on my IG ask how I get my hair this colour. The answer is it is natural. The sun lightens it and it goes darker in winter. So its like blondey brown, lets just say bronde.
  • I’m quite small being 5’4.
  • I’m a UK size 8, shoe size UK 5
  • I have never ever in my life had lip fillers. They are natural they’ve been big all my life. When I was in school people used to pick on me about them, I would literally come home crying to my mam saying I want to go to the doctors to get them thinner and she would obviously say ‘Don’t be so silly, people will pay fortunes for them,  just wait until your older.’ and here we are 2016 absolutely buzzing I’m blessed with my lips. I’m not saying I was bullied in school btw because I definitely wasn’t.
  • I’ve got weird as F toes. LOL.
  • I laugh at almost everything.
  • Im crazy as F#ck in a good way, my best friends call me “The wild child”.


  • I left school with 12 GCSE’s grade A*- C (I got a D in Religious Education but I mean I don’t count that)
  • I went to a Local School. Nothing private or all girls.
  • I will admit that I wasn’t the best behaved but I soon matured around year 9 as I realised that I was taking the absolute mick and it just wasn’t acceptable to ‘wag’ lessons, take the mick out of teachers and just do what ever the hell I wanted. It’s not cool kids.
  • I went to Gateshead college Academy for Sports – I’ve always been really sporty.
  • I got D*D*D in Sports and Exercise Sciences. that equivalent to A*A*A in A levels.
  • I went to Northumbria University. I studied Applied Sciences for 1 year then went onto studying Human Nutrition.
  • I LOVE SCIENCE! Chemistry and Biology
  • I didn’t finish my degree but I still can if I want to go back and I will tell you all about the reason why I took time out in another blog so Hold tight 🙂


  • Ive had a job since the age of 15.
  • I’ve worked in Stores as a Sales assistant, most boring thing ever  i HATED it! I like moving around and being busy the shops I worked in where the worse.
  • I’ve been a waitress in a bar called Shark Club which I loved. Then I moved onto working in clubs as soon as I was 18.
  • A Hostess in clubs aka VIP host. I worked at Tup Tup Palace and Livello in Newcastle. Best job ever. I’d do it any day if I wasn’t busy with other things in my life.
  • Grid girl
  • Promotional events.
  • Model – I’m not throwing it out there that I’m a model but I do, do the odd commercial job.
  • EOTB series 4 and everything that come with tht.
  • I did get a job for British Airways in 2013 but my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer which led me not to go as I wanted to be home in Newcastle for her.
  • Season abroad in Marbella. Well 2 month. LOL

Aaaaaand that’s the basics. I want to talk more but I have so much to tell. So keep your eyes peeled guys for the next post,